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At Whisky and Foxtrot, we see every piece of work as art. Every mark, logo and illustration are drawings and paintings; every exhibition design is conceived as installations with movable sculptures; every branding a conceptual statement.

Established in 2013, Whisky and Foxtrot is an art and design studio that offers art, design and consultancy services. The studio is founded by Fiona Koh and Warren Khong, both of whom are practicing artists and designers. 

Our clients include the National Gallery of Singapore, the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, the Singapore Book Council, Institute of Technical Education, Our Tampines Hub and Malt, Grain & Cane. The following are some of our selected recent projects:

2024: Move in Groove – CNY 2024, a collaboration with LTA and SCCC

2024: BeLONG's Art Playground, organized by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

2023: Neat Work, a collaborative event with Pakat Singapore

2023: (Tu)gether, organized by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
2022: In Tandem…organised by Our Tampines Hub
2022: Anatomy of A Wave, published by Dakota Books
2021: Wee Beng-Chong: Depth of Being, organised NAFA Galleries
2021: Beyond Words, organised Singapore Book Council
2020: Manifesto for Member of Parliament Mr Ang Wei Neng, Jurong GRC
2020: Soul Yield: A solo exhibition by Chiew Sien Kuan, organised by NAFA Galleries
2019: Suddenly Turning Visible: Art and Architecture in Southeast Asia, curated by National Gallery of Singapore
2019: Asian Festival of Children's 2019, organised by Singapore Book Council
2018: ITE Visual Arts Show 2018, organised by Institute of Technical Education
2018: Asian Festival of Children's 2018, organised by Singapore Book Council
2018: Butterfly Garden, managed by Changi Airport Group

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